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    SheerPower 4GL Frequently Asked Questions

    SheerPower 4GL General Questions
    SheerPower 4GL GOLD License Questions
    SheerPower 4GL Programming Questions
    SheerPower 4GL Development Environment Questions
    SheerPower 4GL Uninstall/Repair Questions

    General Questions

    Q. What is SheerPower 4GL?
    A. SheerPower 4GL is a next generation database language for Windows. It includes a Rapid Development Environment (SPDEV) and a fourth-generation Database Language (SP4GL).

    Q. Who Benefits from using SheerPower 4GL?
    A. Novices, hobbyists and professionals
    all benefit from using SheerPower 4GL!

    Q. What operating systems does SheerPower 4GL support?
    A. SheerPower 4GL runs on Windows 98, Windows ME, Windows 2000, Windows XP and Windows NT.

    Q. Why are you giving SheerPower 4GL away for free?
    A. We give SheerPower 4GL to you for FREE as an exchange. We want your feedback, we want SheerPower 4GL to be used by lots of people, and we hope that over time people will buy our OPTIONAL SheerPower 4GL GOLD Licenses. Please send your feedback (negative or positive) to:

    Q. Since SheerPower is so powerful, what prevents a hacker from writing a SheerPower program and attaching it to an email message to be run automatically?
    A. SheerPower programs won't let themselves be run from any "Windows Temporary Folder". If you get an email with a SheerPower program attached, it will not automatically run! You must first COPY the program to another folder before you can run it.

    Q. Who are you people, anyway?
    A. We are Touch Technologies, Inc. We are a computer software research and development company, and we have been in business for over 18 years. You can find out more about us at our parent site.

    License Questions

    Q. Do I have to pay for a SheerPower GOLD license each year in order to get SheerPower 4Gl software upgrades? If not, why would I want to pay the yearly fee for the SheerPower 4GL GOLD License?
    A. No, you can always upgrade SheerPower 4GL for FREE. You don't need a license to do that. But, the GOLD license does provide a number of advantages!

    The optional SheerPower 4GL "GOLD" license gives you priority email support, and the ability to "hide your source code" -- as follows:

    Programming Questions

    Q. Are variables in SP4GL case sensitive?
    A. No. SP4GL does not see any difference from a variable named x$ and X$.

    Sheerpower Rapid Development Environment Questions

    Q. What is a GOLD key?
    A. The GOLD Key in SPDEV is a specially mapped key used to create many of the special keystrokes within SPDEV. Both the [Esc] (escape key - top left corner of the keyboard) and the [Num-Lock] (numbers lock key in the numeric keypad) are GOLD keys in SheerPower Rapid Development Environment.

    See Appendix F - Keystrokes for SheerPower Rapid Development Environment for complete details on how to use the GOLD key and other special keystrokes in SPDEV.

    Uninstall/Repair Questions

    Q. How do I uninstall SheerPower 4GL?
    A. To uninstall SheerPower 4GL:

    This will only uninstall the SheerPower 4GL files that the original installation placed on your hard drive. Any files and programs that you have created will remain intact inside the SheerPower folder.

    You can also uninstall SheerPower by double-clicking on the Uninstall program file inside the SheerPower folder on your hard drive.

    Q. Does the SheerPower 4GL Uninstall feature perform repairs?
    A. You can repair SheerPower 4GL by
    downloading and installing the latest version of SheerPower 4GL. Reinstalling SheerPower 4GL will not destroy or delete any files or programs that you have created in your SheerPower folder.

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    Copyright 2003-2004 Touch Technologies, Inc. All rights reserved.
    Parts of the SheerPower technology are U.S. patent pending.

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