Sheerpower Programming Language

SheerPower is a full development language, and shares many advantages with scripting languages, such as ultra-fast development speeds and ease of learning the language. Sheerpower can be used to write programs of any size, from simple-input programs to vast database applications.  Sheerpower is the fastest compiling programming language with compile/link speeds of over a 1/2 million lines of code per second.  It's runtime performance is equally impressive, executing 10x faster than scripting languages such as PYTHON, RUBY, PERL, and PHP.

Sheerpower is:

  • easy to learn; most programmers are writing Sheerpower applications within a few hours

  • perfect for developing professional quality programs in a fraction of the time compared to other languages that are reliable, maintainable, and fully-debugged

  • designed to handle the development of large-scale solutions

  • excellent for the quick and easy development of file filters, databases handlers, and other utilities

With Sheerpower you can easily develop fancy GUI and Internet-based applications without needing a lengthy training course or having to constantly reference an arcane manual.

  • Sheerpower is free to download, free to distribute and royalty-free, even for commercial applications.

  • Sheerpower training classes and 7/24 support is available.

Touch Technologies, Inc. (owners of Sheerpower) has been in business since 1982, so you are assured of ongoing product development and technical support when you need it.